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About Us

Looking to do something extraordinary.

We don't just make videos, We try to bring stories and characters to life.

Team Five Owl Films
Seldom does such a team of all kinds of people take shape. Five Owl Films is one such team. We're not just a media channel but story-tellers.
Each writes his own story, through pictures, videos, short films, poems, blogs and designs. We're weaving a story for everyone to discover.

Nice to meet you!

Writer and Poet; has an unconditional love towards working for social causes. Born and brought up in Indore, has cleared CFA Level 1 and has already published his novel. Currently in the first year of MBA at IIM Indore

Pratyush Dubey

Hello & Welcome!

An enthusiastic traveller and avid short filmmaker. Loves to socialize, keen about knowing the different perspectives of the world people hold. Born and brought up in Bhopal; has interned at The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Currently in the first year of MBA at IIM Indore

Bhavya Rawal


A sportsperson and an entrepreneur who is on his path of developing himself into a socially conscious and contextually relevant human being, currently pursuing his MBA from IIM Indore

Shantanu Verma

Knock Knock!

Mixing colours and designs since 1998. Jumping around in happiness.

Ananya Agarwal
Creative Head


I love travelling and clicking pictures. Always staring at the Camera Lens.

Rishikesh Uday Sankar
Director of Photography

Whats Up!

Love to write and capture things through my unique lens

Navya Singhal
Blogging Head

Whats Up!

I'm a dreamer disguised as a Photographer. Imagining scenes which no one can.

Parth Hedaoo